Adriana Lima’s Special Makeup Secrets

When it comes to perfect make-up and beauty, Adriana Lima comes to mind directly. Lima, the ceremonies, invitations, the red carpet and everywhere, the most appropriate to the environment comes with the makeup. The make-up is always fresh, does not contain any errors and looks glittering. Well, how does Lima do that? What beauty secrets in her make-up?

Lima Recognizes Tenin Very Well

adriana lima makeup secrets

Adriana Lima, make-up by setting out her own body, first set out. He has done a good research on what skin color is the best foundation for skin tone. As a result, with a perfect make-up on his body for many years. Lima, who uses the cheekbones very well, always applies illuminating on the cheekbones and gives her cheeks a little bit of pink. This makes the facial features more pronounced.

Know the Importance of Perspectives

Lima always prefers smoky eye makeup. Lima’s eyes and glances to the forefront of the foreground, this issue has a wide range of headlight palette inventory. He always invests in the tones he likes, and shades always come to the fore. He knows how important eyebrows are for a great eye makeup. For this reason, the eyebrow is the most appropriate to use the eyebrow pomade. Fills his eyebrows, adds clarity to his eyes and uses the mascara like a weapon. She uses the eyeliner with the mascara so harmoniously that her eyes gain volume and thus have a very impressive look. In general, ar Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Intense Black “prefers mascara.

Last Move: The Most Accurate Lipstick!

adriana lima lips

The choice of lipstick, which is compatible with the general make-up of the face, eye makeup and make-up, is perhaps one of Adriana Lima’s most important beauty secrets. Adriana lipstick choice is always so accurate that we both come up with a very natural and impressive lip. In this regard, it generally uses a choice of lipstick that is in matte nude tones and compatible with the skin color.

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